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Get your XP systems upgraded the easier way than the hard way. Here is what I have been using. It's going to help you as a single computer user or a large group. If you need anything more created just ask, If I can't do it I'll find a good old developer to help you out.

Windows XP Migration to ... anything other than Windows XP.

At a Glance: This page will offer you the basics of starting and completing the preparation of your XP computers for upgrading to any other OS. 
The downloads are near the bottom of the page after you read the full article you can use the scripts out of the box faster. If you don't read the full article don't contact me with questions. I will assist anyone with this XP Migration Process that creates a service ticket so I can keep tabs on changes and add to the process.

I will help all those "Do IT Yourself" people via this page and the service portal. No phone calls unless you want me to do the project which is what pays my server bills.

I know thousands of you are still waiting for your IT or IS people to actually take control of your migration and get the job done. 

No matter how you look at it things are going to be bumpy at best and a few of you are going to suffer some serious non-paid overtime. 

I know first hand how lack of management and lack of experience can lead your IS team down a tunnel no one should be in. 

It's all about planning and making sure everyone in your group uses the same plan. 

My introduction story: 

"When Motorola Government Division plans any upgrade the upgrade is assigned a numeric value, it is then assigned to a lead engineer then that engineer gathers up 2 to 4 other engineers and they setup a lab for 1 year working on every possible outcome."

"When Murray gets the engineers migration process he reviews it, checks it, tests it with a special Chaos flavoring following every detailed step and reports any issues or undocumented outcomes."

This means after 1 year of solid review the field tech would have one review and their was never a time in all my years I didn't find something wrong.

It's not that I'm better, it's because I work in a very different environment (live) and I see situations that cannot really be replicated in a nice clean cold room.

With that said...

I want you as the only IS person in your company following a plan.
It might be your plan or parts of our plans but in the end you need a plan.

In this section below I'll give you want I am offering everyone to get the heck out of XP and into anything but XP.

How to Migrate from XP to ....

  1. Windows 7
  2. Windows 8
  3. Ubuntu 12.04
  4. Virtual OS migrations
  5. Others

I have many different scripts designed to do allot of different things.
Most of my Migrations came from XP on Domain Controllers with Active Directory and required allot of different checks. I'll try to cover the Home Migration process and the Corporate in just a few scripts.

First, setup your external storage device or drives.
I recommend you do not archieve the full hard drive which includes your OS. You'll waste more time and money by doing that. I still have my NT 4.0 Server drives which should have been formated and sold when I went to Server 2000. It's a waste because you know you'll never need to access the OS again and the data can be taken off.

1. External Drive Preperation

  • Format the drive and assign it a drive letter. I use "J:".
  • Run chkdsk /f to be sure the drive has no bad sectors. 
  • Create a folder called MIGRATION.
  • Share the MIGRATION folder with Everyone and enable Read/Write.

2. Create your network mapped drive script for the additional computers.

  • Using Notepad save a blank page as migration_mapped_drive.bat
  • Type the following lines replacing "computer_name" with the name of the computer you have the shared folder or drive connected to.
  • net use j: \delete
  • net use j: \\computer_name\migration
  • Now save this file and send it to each computer you plan on migrating. 

3. Backup your documents

  • Using notepad save a blank page as migration_backup_script.bat
  • Type the following lines
  • @echo off
  • xcopy "c:\Documents and settings\%username%\My Documents" "j:\migration\%username%\My Documents" /D /E /C /R /H /I /K /Y

  • xcopy "c:\Documents and settings\%username%\Desktop" "j:\migration\%username%\Desktop" /D /E /C /R /H /I /K /Y

  • xcopy "c:\Documents and settings\%username%\Favorites" "j:\migration\%username%\Favorites" /D /E /C /R /H /I /K /Y

  • xcopy "c:\Documents and settings\%username%\Documents" "j:\migration\%username%\Documents" /D /E /C /R /H /I /K /Y

  • Send a copy to every computer.

Tech Note: If you have allot of files or very large files you might need to use robocopy or a third party application to copy your files. I want to make sure you check your files. I have used for many years (thanks) to do large file transfers over networks because of it's bandwidth throatle I was able to do it for long periods without slowing down the network. Schedule the transfer as well. 

Any method you choose is good with me as long as you choose one and get the job done. 

Now that you have setup your computer to wipe it out and I'm sure you can't wait to do this let's double check to be sure you have everything you need.

Wait, I have one more script for you to run and it's going to do the job of making a list of your software as well as all the users which is really important if this computer has been shared by others.

My Script download link here (Wait, 4-5-2014) I will have it updated with a simple network path patch file so you can do whatever you need to do with your mappings.

I wanted to make sure you read everything before I just gave you hours of my own work and the work of others.

Scripts are all about how creative you are not about how much code you know.
Some great coders couldn't program a rocket ship blasting off on that old IBM while others could. So here's my files all credits to those that did the work and all exe are so you'll have to be creative on your own time.


  • MapDrive_create.bat (Edit this file to match your network)
  • Include_migration_v1.exe is a mix of scripts that will help transfer files. If you ran the BAT file above to copy all your files than you can skip this part.
  • Migration_Info_MurrayW_v1.1.exe is the main script that collects information I use to build the new system. Below I have detailed what it does. 
  • MapDrive_remove.bat removes the mapping if you need it to. 

Here's the step by step for my fellow techies that have to use Google Translate. 

1. Run Migration_Info_MurrayW_v1.1.exe

Migration _script _version _1_1

Step 2: Drive Mapping to J:

Migration _script _version _1_1_2

Step 3: be sure to change IP

Migration _script _version _1_1_3

Step 4: Runs in background.
During this step a file folder is created using the computer name. 
Inside that folder a file is created using the computer name and date. 
This file contains the following items. 

  1. Date script was run.
  2. Computer Name.
  3. Domain Name (If not on domain it will show computer name in place of.)
  4. User (Current logged users)
  5. Hardware Manufacturer, Model
  6. Operating system Type, Build, Version, Service Pack.
  7. Mapped Drives
  8. Local Printers and Network Printers
  9. Local user accounts.
  10. Software installed on computer.

Step 5: Select a copy method. 
I have given 3 types all using xcopy which is slow and limited in many ways but for many of us it will do the job on any XP system.
If you say "No" here all copy options are skipped. 

Click Yes to use one of the 2 methods or click No to skip copy.

Migration _script _version _1_1_4

Step 6: Shows the Two copy types (I don't know why I did this but I did. Kind of like, Do you really understand? Really I mean Really understand?)

Click Yes if you want to copy files.
Migration _script _version _1_1_5

Above is for selective copy.

Click Yes to copy files from User folder. (Might fail if very large or active.)

Migration _script _version _1_1_6

Step 7: Selective file or folder copy. This is a script from Vic Laurie, January, 2006. I included it as a exe file to make it fit nicely into the package. It's old, It's Slow, It Works. XCOPY

Migration _script _version _1_1_8

Step 8: Be careful here, select file or folder to copy "FROM" . 
Note: If you see a popup asking to copy USER files do not click on it until you are finished with selective copy.

Migration _script _version _1_1_10

Step 9: Confirms what file or folder you are going to copy.
Migration _script _version _1_1_11

Step 10: Select where you are going to copy your files and folders: "TO"
Migration _script _version _1_1_12

Step 11: Confirms your selection.
Migration _script _version _1_1_13

Now comes the fun part.

You'll see a small window popup showing a loop of 0 most likely.
Wait, do not do anything until this window closes and another window pops up showing the copy has finished.

If the copy seems to have been a little fast then most likely it failed and didn't copy everything over.

I would suggest then using another method for copy.
I have a list below.

At this point you may want to try to copy the user folder.

Continue by clicking on the OK button from this popup window.


Run this after the above or if you skipped the selective copy. 
Migration _script _version _1_1_9

The whole idea is to get all the common folders uses use copied over to a hard drive that we are using for storage. 

Once you have completed this it's time to format your computer. 

Download the XP Migration basic System Inventory Script Package by MurrayW.

Before you do this, have you selected your new Operating System?
Windows 7 32bit or 64bit?
Windows 8 64Bit only please. 

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32Bit or 64Bit

In another article before the 8th I'll show you how to move fror Windows XP and Office to Ubuntu 12.04 and LibreOffice without missing a beat. If you say you can't use Open Source for your Office Products you are telling me you use MACROS or Microsoft TEMPLATES that are designed not to be open source friendly. 

If you don't know what a Macro is and you have never created a Template than LibreOffice or OpenOffice are going to work nicely for you. I have head every version of word since Office 97 if you remember that upgrade from Word 4.0 I believe. I was able to get over Office in 6 documents and about 2 hours. 
Sure I have macros, templates and the like. But after reviewing the $99.00 per year for home and knowing it's all moving to cloud based Office I felt the time and effort reworking my macros was worth it. 

I run Alfresco DMS in place of SharePoint with LibreOffice and find I am creating more documents than I was ever able to do with Office. Not only that, LibreOffice with WPS Office for Android with Alfresco Desktop and for Android allows every mobile device I own to sync to my documents. I have never been able to do that with Microsoft anything. iOS with Office yes, but how many of you have iOS vs. Android? 

Hello Alfresco Developers! You have our attention let's make a strong open source and have those that need developers pay for the beer, coffee and maybe we can ask for a few dollars off dinner!

Credits: Author: Steven Dietz :: Author: Vic Laurie  :: Author: Murray W.

Get your XP systems upgraded the easier way than the hard way. Here is what I have been using. It's going to help you as a single computer user or a large group. If you need anything more created just ask, If I can't do it I'll find a good old developer to help you out.