Renewable Engineering, more than just energy.

You all know the lines and the stories, Renewable energy is something we all need but for most of us 99%'ers we just can't afford it. 

That actually sparked the High Tech Redneck section in another site I have. I wanted to know simple things that normal people could do with a few hundred bucks and a roll of duct tape. 

I was amazed at I found. 

Now, in this section I'll be publishing projects that might help you keep your overhead in check. 

The key is to balance your home budget and my focus will be on what you can repurpose, rebuild, redesign, to make your home or living quarters more cost efficient. 

If I told you I purchased $15 worth of LEDs and now have lights on all night without paying for a single AC charger. I just plug in my Honda and the lights run off the battery in my car that is recharged the next day when I drive it. 

Sure, I have a limiter and a off circuit that makes it so my car battery doesn't drop below the amps I need to start in the morning, but at mA current levels from my 300 Amp battery I am good to go for a long time. 

More details and other projects will be listed below.



Renewable Engineering does not require a Masters Degree. It requires Imagination and the drive not to be told it cannot work. I call it "High Tech Redneck" which so far not a soul has contested. Here's where I'll be sharing what I do to "Renew" something old and bring in the high technology world to areas not normally used for high tech.