Troubleshooting Process by XtremeComputer.Com Techs

Troubleshooting has always followed specific flows. Like a flow chart which guides you through other processes like training and assembly troubleshooting is no different.

About 12 years ago I had a complete process flow written in HTML for the HP Pavilion computers. The process was designed and used by call center technicians supporting the Pavilion computer line. That was back in the simpler days of Windows 98SE.

Today we have more devices and more versions of software to cover. The errors we see may not always match the final solution but the flow will in just about every case.

The Troubleshooting process that will soon be introduced here is for our service technicians and our do it yourself community people. It will be built based on your feedback and once a path has been completed, the person or people involved with the development of the flow will be offered a months worth of subscription support.

This will be a paid service due to the amount of time technical support has to be given. I would like to see everyone work with the process and interact with the technician that is following your case to make sure we are heading down the correct troubleshooting path for your issue.

Once we have completed the path and your system is back up and running like it should we can lock in the troubleshooting guide and publish it for others to use. If you are a member you'll be offered credits toward other issues you might have down the road. If you're not a member a nominal fee will apply to use the service.

As much as I would like to keep everything free the budgets of running a site and keeping the processes, video tutorials and solutions updated costs time which is always an issue of funding.

XtremeComputer.Com sponsors many other online venues that are offered free or for a reduced price and will continue to support the IT community in the years to come with both fee based and free support channels.





Introducing our new Troubleshooting Flow Process for specific issues that require additional support guides. This new fee based and starters guide will be setup in the next coming weeks in our service portal. The guide is designed to assist you in learning and/or following correct troubleshooting paths. Some issues will require interaction with a technician which will fall under our fee based services. Others may be so common or simple we just publish the solution at the end of the troubleshooting process. This is a community IT service offering.