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Working with a new macro seems to make it all go the way Clouds transfer your data from time to time...

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Grumpy Old Techs is the newest section to the site and it will be some fun reading as well as grumpy.


Migration Scripts

Monday Apr 7 2014
Sharing Migration Scripts isn't giving away the house. It's more like teasing the person to reach out and have you do the work for them. I've setup a folder to help home users backup and migrate to Ubuntu from XP. If you are reading Ubuntu is harder to learn than XP was in the beginning you might have forgot all of the adjustments you had to make. For me, I lost my DOS NASCAR game because it wouldn't run on the limited DOS support of XP.

How To Guides

Monday Apr 30 2012
How To Guides Computer and Networking Technicians offer basic advice. The How To Guides are now called Computer Boot Camp but are mixed with the Do IT Yourself. Some guides are for troubleshooting while others are for those looking to setup things right the first time. Ask your How To question anytime using the contract forms in each section.

Troubleshooting Process

Introducing our new Troubleshooting Flow Process for specific issues that require additional support guides. This new fee based and starters guide will be setup in the next coming weeks in our service portal. The guide is designed to assist you in learning and/or following correct troubleshooting paths. Some issues will require interaction with a technician which will fall under our fee based services. Others may be so common or simple we just publish the solution at the end of the troubleshooting process. This is a community IT service offering.

New Stuff


With some of the changes being made to XtremeComputer.Com I thought it might be good to place the old News and Announcement board back online. It will from time to time be updated to show some of the new features and just how they might help and benefit you.