Notice of Breach of Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription.

You have been warned and are in breach of contract if you continue using subscription software without paying for the subscription.

I’ve been part of the Microsoft Developers network for many years. I’ve purchased out of pocket every operating system since 3.11 and still today have those operating systems ready to install in some of my older test and development systems.

I developed applications for servers for work and more as my main hobby after Server 2000 and Windows 2000 Pro was released.

I was sent an email from Microsoft that seems to be some sort of marketing letter but like one of those spam emails you get about having unclaimed millions.

It’s even better, they closed my developers account because I downloaded software after the 12-16 date.

They never asked me if I liked the software, in fact, I have not writing any articles about Microsoft products since Office XP (Business) and Windows 7 (OS).

Why? Because I have not seen anything worth writing about other than how to fix things and how to keep better backups.
I purchased this past year 3 licenses for Windows 7 Pro and now I’m selling them.

I purchased 1 license for Windows 2008 R2 Standard Server and will keep that one because I’m impressed with the Hyper-V core with Active directory running my Virtual Desktops which were actually planned to be Windows 8 and Windows 7 systems until I experienced Windows 8 on a remove virtual environment. (worthless due to the time it takes to navigate.

I had 7 RDWeb systems that have all now changed to Ubuntu and I’m removing one of the licensed 2008 32bit Windows servers and replacing it with Ubuntu Server.
I’m not doing this upgrade because the letter I was sent to pay for my subscription. I’m only publishing this G.O.T. post to show Microsoft you just lost one of your best behind the scenes developers you ever had.

Now, I look forward to working with the Ubuntu Community for the equal amount of time. I do believe that was 17 years I put into developing on Microsoft platforms. Now I’ll be taking the same development thinking to my Xeon Servers with Ubuntu. It might be hard to pronounce or confusing but in the end I don’t expect to see a “Notice of Breach” email from the Ubuntu Community.  Well, unless I did something really stupid like claiming the name uuBoonTwo was mine.

Don’t worry, I’ll still support your products. How else do you think people in IT can earn a living? Working on Linux systems?

You can follow me on my new programming path from the service pages.


Notice of Breach of Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Subscription. Screw me twice same on you, insult me 3 times same on you, accuse me of breach of contract for the thousands I spent on software last year... Screw you!