DNS Services managed by ID-10_T Interfaces

For years and years and years you use a service and nothing happens that needs you to get up in arms and spend hours and hours and hours correcting issues.

I have had hosting companies that would change systems every year that would cost me 10 days of recoding sites to make them work in their new homes.

It was like they were doing me a favor by upgrading to a system that didn't have the DLL's I needed.

DLL's they would ask? What?

That would be after days of fighting with email technical support.

Ok, so you know I hate change when IT hosts make changes and that brings me to the change for this G.O.T. 1.3 post.

I have hosted on and off with a company since 1998 and have used their DNS services since that first month they advertised.

There support has always been a bit sad but when you don't need them everything is fine. (Get it?)

Now that they sold off to some marketing company and outsourced the support that wasn't so good to something not even close to good I'm seeing DNS settings change just about every 6 months or so.

It's like a magical DNS update script is launched on all domains not resolving to their names.

Example, you might have XtremeComputer.Com and redirect the .Net and .Org to the .Com. This magical DNS script changes the MX records first of the .Net and .Org then changes the NS for the .Net and .Org and the next thing you see is a parked domain with a ton of Google Adsense advertisements that aren't yours.

I've complained about "Domain HiJacking" and create service and support tickets with that in the subject line.

It's amazing, as quick as support is they correct the issue then create a new interface or update something so you can correct the issue yourself.

Tonight I've been updating, testing and correcting 25 domains that have been once again HiJacked and redirected to a Google Adsense page that isn't mine.

Depending on the domain they HiJack from me they might use IFRAMES or a direct page.

One of my favorite sites that I monitor uses this crackheads code Iframe linked below.

Now, the link below will do it's magic by referer that brings the domain name into view like the title of the site.

It's not that difficult to do this but this service uses this page in IFRAMES that are packed webpages hosted with the domains listed below.

Basically it's all about making your parked domain show up as their personal marketing sites. The easy way they do this is by changing your DNS reconds. And how do they do that? Hack? Sold? I'm saying Sold because it happens so often just like a script. If you leave a domain inactive and not parked they will hijack it and park it for you.


What happens is if someone types one of my favorite domain names and mixes up the .dot com with a dot net or dot org they see the hijacked page.

If you copy and paste the dsnetgen.com domain you get the dsparking.com domain.


Now this pisses me off more than stealing my junk mail from my PO box.

If you're going to steal a website make sure you steal from someone that doesn't notice.

My site? http://seabluecommunications.net/ (I'll leave it untouched for a few days so you can see what I'm talking about.

Their Google Analytics UA-33908493-1

Site made by http://www.dsultra.com


So what's the bottom line for this Grumpy Old Tech?

It's simple, the domain owner from dsultra.com and dsparking.com and dsnetgen.com make money off of property that I pay for each and every year.

They have hijacked via DNS records from MyDomain.com which could be a partner or a victim. I'm thinking that they are all partners because it happens so often and MyDomain.com was sold off to a marketing company not a hosting company.

It is my personal opinion that the following domain owners SUCK.

dsultra.com http://whois.domaintools.com/dsultra.com YOU SUCK.

dsparking.com http://whois.domaintools.com/dsparking.com YOU SUCK.

dsultra.com http://whois.domaintools.com/dsultra.com YOU SUCK.


Did I say that they SUCK? I mean they SUCK TOE JAM!


dsultra.com YOU SUCK. dsparking.com YOU SUCK. dsultra.com YOU SUCK. Did I say that they SUCK? I mean they SUCK TOE JAM! Marketing companies that HiJack your idle domains and parked domains for their profit are 100% full of shit. Yes, Oversee.net you suck 972 times, nameking.com sucks 421,065 times and for everyone that you have profited from I say YOU SUCK. Domain Hijacking is your special skill set. Good Training.