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Let's get down to few simple facts that you might have to just accept.

I'm technically correct.

I mean, when I talk tech I don't drift off into space coming up with things that cannot be explained or reproduced.

It's the difference between a Book Smart Tech and a Hands On Tech. The best of all I have both worlds and have had some of the best mentors in the electronic industry.

So when your content or antics hit the Grumpy Old Tech section you know you've pushed the buttons for many like me.

Because of the content in this section I must warn you I do not hold back on the technical terms you might have heard from a US Marine Drill Instructor with a grumbling tone.

If you notice a few G.O.T episodes missing it's because I'm holding them back for the movie rights or a rewrite.

All manufacturers are true but the players names to include business have been changed slightly in accordance to privacy rules posted online at some .gov site.




Episode G.O.T. 2.3

Thursday Apr 23 2015
When spam just isn't enough call in the BIG REFERRAL SPAM.. We promise results, SEO and WEBMASTERS from around the globe will come running to your door after seeing REFERRAL SPAM IN Google Analytics. Target your Marketing by SPAM with S.E.O. and not R.E.M. It's as close as you can get without being there. RankSonic.Com > Your choice of SEO has made your name associated with SPAM. Good luck, you forced me to review my site which is nearly perfect with SEO Scores of 98.x and better at times.

Episode G.O.T. 2.2

Monday Feb 23 2015
When it is a Print Head issue it's simple, toss the printer and purchase a new one. But when the same type of printer errors again that the print head has failed you need to start thinking Manufacture issues. Canon Got me Twice, but the worst part of it was I could have purchased a new printer just with the wasted printer ink each time! The MX series Pixma Canon Printers don't last the test of time and in my opinion the only good thing they had was the full duplex ADP scan feature. Sad thing is when your printer fails you can't scan. TRASH Engineering!

Episode G.O.T. 2.1

Monday Feb 17 2014
When all you have is 1,600 characters allowed to file a PayPal dispute and you have over 2,500 of total communications PayPal drops the ball on understanding "ITEMS NOT RECEIVED". Like Never Shipped, Like Check the Weight of the Box and do the math. It's sad that I have lost a claim they gave me. Should I ship an Empty Box as a Symbol of my loathing? SPEMall.Com, you may have won this Battle, but I'll say this war is far from over!

Episode G.O.T. 2.0

Saturday Nov 16 2013
Do you have issues with time card approvals using Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 ? Has ADP technical Support told you that you have to use Internet Explorer 8 to process time cards? Have you used Windows XP only because ADP JavaScripts don't work with Windows 7 computers? Then you are suffering from a company that can care less about your security and this coming year will open you to more than just bad technical support services.

Episode G.O.T. 1.3

dsultra.com YOU SUCK. dsparking.com YOU SUCK. dsultra.com YOU SUCK. Did I say that they SUCK? I mean they SUCK TOE JAM! Marketing companies that HiJack your idle domains and parked domains for their profit are 100% full of shit. Yes, Oversee.net you suck 972 times, nameking.com sucks 421,065 times and for everyone that you have profited from I say YOU SUCK. Domain Hijacking is your special skill set. Good Training.

Episode G.O.T. 1.6

One seriously bad proof of ownership issue with SonicWall devices. Lesson learned, and never again will I hold licenses on a device that is physically not in my location. Lost 2 year support subscription and 2 VPN licenses due to a Support Transfer ... Unreal the way they transferred paid products from my SonicWall account to another based on solely physical possession. Pawn shops are going to love this new transfer policy.

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