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I'm Murray (MurrayW on Google +) I'm the one that setup this domain and started offering custom system builds back sometime around 2002. 

I've seen allot of changes since that time and with 2014 starting off with a slam on the PC markets and OS confusion hitting hard I thought it would be good to share some of the configurations most of us will be using this year. 

  1. Microsoft Windows 7 Pro and above.
  2. Libre Office (Replacing MS Office 2013)
  3. Alfresco DMS replacing Sharepoint Services.
  4. SmarterMail on local servers replacing Exchange Cloud Services. 
  5. Ubuntu Desktop replacing Windows Desktop in both physical and virtual environments.
  6. Android OS users moving away from the locked fixed update phones to the MIUI, Cyanogen and AOKP worlds. These will be 100% the norm with all none contract phones not purchased on a lease with a binding service contract.
  7. Liking the changes and loving the look and feel.

Keep up, things are going to be moving around and changing fast over the next 30 days.

Development stations running Ubuntu and Windows side by side on same hardware will be configured, tested and reviewed. It's time to follow smart trends and get into an OS that offers more than just a Pay at the EOL fork in the road.


For my fellow MS Administrators I'll do the talking for you and show you how you can run systems side by side so your upper management can see that their is no difference other than the monthly or yearly costs. 

As for your .Net development group, move them over to the apps group because you're going to be replacing that old slow website with some really nice quick to download and install apps. I'll get into details as the year progresses. 

Have fun, send your suggestions on topics and if you're a developer and would like to join the in on the changing technologies please feel free to drop me a line. 

My Contact info and my Google + .



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