Projects started at XtremeComputer.Com Development 2012

Each year brings new project builds but not all builds make it online. Each project has to support itself or it's pulled from production servers. It's about the long run and not the short term dot com effect.

What does it take to keep a project online?

  1. Must offer a good user experience.
  2. Must be educational.
  3. Must offer an interactive experience.
  4. Must sustain its popularity.
  5. Must create a profit.

Planned Projects to Launch 2012

  • June 2012, created online status to identify technicians online for live chat interview via Homeland Tech Support Job board.
  • Setup 5th XtremeComputer.Com Service Site with embeded service and support chat and help desk ticket system.
  • Configured Virtual Desktop systems for remote computer repair. Tested 4 active chat, remote connections per single workstation. Calling this the Work-a-Intel-i5-Core-Hard. Successfully controlled 4 simultaneous service desk calls. Not recommended due to the delay times but proves outsourcing companies may have been using simple processes to give the illusion that they had more online service reps then they really had. The tests show from one server as single technician could handle 20 chats and 20 remote desktop connections for under the $10.00 per hour range for labor on memory packed systrems. The trick was having canned responses ready to buy time while working on other remote desktops. Not 100% professional and we will limit that to 2 remote sessions per technician.
  • Invited 2 local technicians to join and have setup the 60 seconds marketing for out of state technicians. (With or without the system now covers a demographics of 40 states online)


There has been so many launches of the same project I haven't had time to update this page


1. HomelandTechSupport.Com Interactive Electronics Industry Job Board that offers live income opportunities to active job seekers in the electronics community. This project is for all my fellow electronics technicians that are dropped as projects are dropped and industry changes are made. I personally will be doing everything I can to promote your work experience and your knowledge by setting up interactive chats with employers, iGoogle interfaces with video calls as well as Support Desk options so you can help other people and companies with short term single project assignments.

I'm a big believer in promoting in country talent that is going to stay around in country. This means you're not going to see some major IT corporations listed that focus only on hiring fresh talent that typically leaves the country after 1 or 2 years. Also this is not a site that is outsourced and I do believe in country outsourcing is good but shipping jobs to other countries is not good neighborly business. 

I encourage other technical groups in other countries to do the same types of projects. Fill the employment void in country and then when you run out of qualified workers you can look out of country. Local economics are local and HomelandTechSupport.Com is all about the Electronics Community within the United States of America (aka USA).

Join me and others as the project moves from its phase 1 and 2. 

I have a total of 3 phases of the rollout planned and will finish before the end of this month. It's important to know up front that this project has not been sponsored and will be looking for business sponsorship soon. You'll find more details at the site.

This project is designed to accomplish the following.

  1. Create an income source through temporary direct contract work.
  2. Create opportunity for long term fixed employment.
  3. Create a technical online resource to assist the electronic consumer markets.
  4. Create income base to allow for future growth.

Learn more at HomelandTechSupport.Com Jobs for the USA Electronics Industry.

6-1-2012 delayed launch of 5-27-2012 due to rework of interface to live chat.