IT Professionals, Independent Computer Service Technicians

local_independent_computer_repair_technicians.jpgWe have completed our infrastructure build designed to offer online and remote service and support for IT Field Support Professionals.

If you have the following our IT Online Support can expand your business reach and keep your business branding in full glory.

  • Domain name and DNS management access.
  • HTML access to your web pages.

That's it, that's all we technically require. Now, you've seen others offering the same but you've never seen a technician offering direct technical support to another technician. No middle man, no middle management and no redirects to anything but your domain name portal. What in the world is in it for us? We keep the service call you keep the customer. Simple trade and easy to track and follow up with once you are in our system.

Number one thing is IT trust which is never given, it's earned and it's built. Take your time, start using the system yourself and you should see that it covers what you are currently missing now. We are currently setting up the marketing for this service on one of our sponsored job boards. Coded: VetOP

Online Technical Support Groups.

Updated: 6/20/2012

I'm moving the online service technicians group information into the portal.

You'll need to register and submit a service ticket requesting access to the knowledge base category.

Once I have completed more testing with at least 5 technicians and 5 websites owned by those 5 technicians we can then work to publish the infrastructure for other technical groups to follow suit.

The design is based on removing the middleman, middle management, affiliate franchises and out of country online support. Working as a team or group but as individuals and private businesses keeping your branding the same while working with other qualified technicians and engineers.

I'll be training some of the returning Vets that worked the SigInt or ET classifications.


Current Phase: Final Beta testing has been completed. Setting up to allow technical IT Professionals covering Self-Help and Interactive Instant Assistance rolls.

Phase 2 will include Remote desktop Service and Support for those that have completed the Self-Help service programs.

This is a business to business product and service hosted on XtremeComputer.Com servers and offering branded portals for each independent IT professional. Your brand name is very important and so is mine. We will not capitalize off of our own business names but we will assist each other’s customers and clients as if they were our only client.

Full production server will be able to handle 220 interactive support roles, more than 22 direct management and mentor roles and will offer up to 40 SSL VPN corporate services, and unlimited number of remote desktop channels. The services are limited only by your workstations hardware capabilities.

What you will need to be able to join this group.

  1. Active domain website with root access. (No free or blog sites)
  2. DNS Management to point your sub-domain portal or support to our servers.
  3. Agentless remote desktop application such as PCHelpware.
  4. Workstation capable of running a minimum of 2 virtual machines and have licensed software for each.
  5. Operating systems required are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  6. Optional Server software: Windows 2003 SBS, Windows 2008
  7. High-speed internet of no less than 1mb down and 756kbps up.
  8. Branded Service Name or Company Name

You will be working with a group of online technicians supporting both online and field technicians and their respective service shops and businesses.

Prior support service experience when handling clients belonging to other companies is required and you must be willing to follow processes and procedures established to protect brand names and service quality.

Your duties will include:

  1. Assisting online customers with any Microsoft Windows Operating System Issue and major program applications and software.
  2. Weekly training on new applications, software and services offered.
  3. Follow guidelines, processes and procedures as published in our technicians section.

Additional duties and rolls will be assigned as you become more familiar with the online portal application from SmarterTools.Com as well as when you are introduced to other technicians and their business interests. Each technician will be asked to simulate an Instant Service Chat with each site owner you wish to support. Site owners will be able to identify who they will entrust with remote access support and follow up support. This is a technical group that has very different experience levels, we want to match experience to service categories so we can always keep the customers best interests in focus.

For those that need additional training or experience with the remote services industry we have virtual systems that you can use. We have simple adware to malware installed on select computers which offer great hands one training with the removal processes as well as servers which can be accessed by appointment.

This is a new service offering but this is not a new service. Online support has been around since the first call back made from an NT server. We are only perfecting the system to allow more IT Professionals industry growth as we move toward a more centralized applications infrastructure often referred to as Private Cloud Services as well as offering application developers and system software developers more support services. For every application developer there will need to be one support group offering support for that developer. We plan on supporting hundreds of centralized application servers and the apps they offer.

If you are willing to work as a team member and can bring service experience, excellence, quality and knowledge to the table we will welcome you into our second build out phase with open source, password protected scenes and the opportunity to extend your service reach beyond that of a simple computer repair shop and field repair service company.

Phase 2 also includes SEO, Software Experts (MS) and Web developers that specialize in CMS systems to assist customers with simple issues all website owners face. Those skilled with Microsoft Office will be offered shared remote desktop time slots to offer online training classes. We will be looking toward local not for profit head start programs to interact with our online live training series.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity feel free to email me using the contact page.


Current Phase: Final Beta testing has been completed. Setting up to allow technical IT Professionals covering Self-Help and Interactive Instant Assistance rolls. Phase 2 will include Remote desktop Service and Support for those that have completed the Self-Help service programs.