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The opportunities offered in this section and in these pages are designed for Small IT Service Shops, Independent Service Technicians, Self-employed IT Consultants, Application developers, Web and Graphic designers.

If you are in the IT business and have been for more than 2 years you might find the collaboration opportunities of interest to you.

The postings here are not direct hire or offers for employment. These are professional and business to business opportunities.

The Internships are being updated and posting to the other website your schools career group knows the location. 

New Branding of XtremeComputer.Com

Remote Support, Remote Self-help Service, Remote Computer Repair and Remote Service Troubleshooting for field support and IT professionals.

Update: I've finished discussing with a few field technicians how online services could assist them during busy days. The simple services can b molded into a very affective troubleshooting and discovery process while you are in route to the location.

Basically we do all the troubleshooting or start the troubleshooting process before you arrive on location and jump to the next during your very busy days. We figure it would reduce overall time and offer a more standardized method of documenting service calls.

We will be launching that service live next week. If you're a technician we have 5 slots which 2 are filled. Sign up, Talk and Test we want to know how we can help you directly.

Look in our Opportunities page for a few more details.


Technology Shifts

Monday Jun 18 2012
Microsoft's New Tablet with a Keyboard called Surface Windows 8 tablet. I'll save you all from a long boring article about all the things you really don’t need nor want to hear. Tablets aren't new just redesigned. Software and touchscreen technology is not new just repurposed.

Online Tech Groups

Monday Jun 11 2012
Current Phase: Final Beta testing has been completed. Setting up to allow technical IT Professionals covering Self-Help and Interactive Instant Assistance rolls. Phase 2 will include Remote desktop Service and Support for those that have completed the Self-Help service programs.




The organized technical group will be made up of knowledgeable, honest and hardworking technicians. I'll link to more information about what a technician should be able to handle and what I will expect you to do for the group.