Help and FAQ

The Help and FAQ is about the site and not about technical articles or services.
If you need technical help use the to send your request.

If you're looking to purchase this website or the name just make sure the check is big and you can contact me at the address of "How_I_Retired@ XtremeComputer.Com" or on second thought you might want to use the contact page here.

 The FAQ list:

  1. Is XtremeComputer.Com for sale?
    Answer: Everything has a price.
  2. Do you do link sharing?
    No, I'll link to sights that I reference in articles I write or sites that have interesting content.
    If you wrote something really cool that you think needs a link from my site then use my Google Page and send me a link.
  3. Do you like to be spammed?
    Yes, I collect spam, create scripts, track your ass down and publish your home address. What, you didn't know that all good IT people do that with spammers?
    I also list your network design online for some very nice white hats.
  4. What's your direct email address?
    It was published in 2002, changed in 2010 to unlisted @ . Use the Contact Us or Me page.
  5. Do you speak English?
  6. Why are your FAQ so useless?
    Don't really know.



Some sites will never need a site help section while others I wish would add a site help section. I have always offered site help which is designed to help you use this site and some of its features.