Free or Paid Services, it depends on your maintenance habits.

Free vs. Paid Services, which is best?

Answer: Paid.

Question: Which cost less?

Answer: Free.

XtremeComputer.Com is all about technical service and technicians.

For years XtremeComputer.Com has assisted computer users, technicians and IT administrators resolve issues from simple settings to complex configurations.

IT is measured in what you share and when you offer Self-Help you are a serious IT Professional and those that visit your site for quick simple fixes often contract or hire your services down the road.

The Free Services of this site are often posts from technicians and mostly related to services we feel should be shared and not capitalized on.

A simple virus removal you can handle but more complicated viruses often require a technicians total focus which makes it a paid service.

Fixing your screen that is now upside down is simple enough, one link to an article about which keys to press and you are back in business.

But, when your LCD goes out or your system doesn’t start then we hope you remember one of our technical articles that helped you in the past.

Our fees are based on time to assist or resolve an issue. They are based on the experiences from technicians and often allow us to reduce the overall costs due to the actual time the technician will be working with you.

Example: If we are removing a virus using our remote services you might be asked to allow the virus scan to run 2 times. This could be 2 or more hours. Once that is completed we schedule another remote session. Overall time with each service remote session averages 25 minutes. The Service Ticket Desk which is much less than a live technician’s time can go for minutes or days. We will send you troubleshooting steps based on the issue you report to us.

Read more about our paid services in the services section.


Free or Paid services often offer many different standards of quality. That is not true coming from us at Xtreme Computer. We know what a normal computer user can do and what they should know. Our free services are simple notes on how you can keep your computer running smooth.