Experience in the real IT world.

Experience is often measured by a job title.

The root and core of experience comes from doing.

Electronic Technicians that have experience have done the work.

XtremeComputer.Com Online Technical Support Service and RepairI will repeat the above line to make sure this is very clear. By working on a Team or working as a support person to the technical team gives you knowledge of the project or service but does not give you experience. We do start off on the base which might mean the technician held the troublelight for the senior tech during the repair. But until that senior technician allows the new tech to do the work the experience has not yet been established.

On the up side, most all technicians will be willing to share experience to have balance in the ranks. It's called Cross Training.

How does a Technician gain the experience? By making the work if not offered it. By building a foundation based on perfect practice, and by doing endlessly tasks, sharping skills that naturally build the strong core of an electronics technician.

Technicians ask questions, listen to other technicians and learn from those that have the experience.

We typically don’t reinvent the wheel when the design has been made. We just build on the design so the wheel turns in our favor.

With 30 years of experience, I still find myself looking up old mentors and following new technicians that know technologies I have yet to learn perfectly. We are always learning and your experience levels never cease to grow. You may find yourself a mentor for many as well a mentor of mine.

As technicians submit their technical profiles you'll be able to select those that you feel can help you will your IT solutions.


Experience is more than just showing up at the same job each day for the past 10 years. It also is more than a simple computer lab work environment or training environment. Experience is gained from the hands on actual industry level of your job. Experience is also gained when you go outside the boundaries of your position and explore more the industry has to offer.