The IT Community

The IT consultant industry has two types of individuals.

  1. Loners that document and share nothing.
  2. Pro's that document everything and are willing to share.

Some would say it's giving away money while others that know there's more than selling bluescreen tips or basic firewall settings.

Today, IT consultants have to prove they are the best in class. You might be a MVP on a technical website offing hundreds of advice samples or you might be one that just offers paid services and shows nothing.

I find my fellow techs and consultants visit more than end users which shows the industry is very active and many of you are just getting into solutions and fixes many of us produced years ago.

Keep up the good work and if I've helped your income I sure you'll pass a bit my way.

I will be as much as possible from inactive contracts that might help you look good on you first day, be sure to say you're a Google Master solution searching when all avenues have reached a dead end.





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Wednesday May 2 2012
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Baton Rouge Technicians

Monday Apr 16 2012
This announcement is for all the new computer technicians in the field. It's a tough market and we seem to have filled it up good. If you have good working skills, honest and have so much pride and integrity in your bones that it hurts then you might like to write up your introduction and allow me to post your information here.

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