Who, What and About XtremeComputer.Com

The Who? Murray W has been the one person behind XtremeComputer.Com since establishing the domain name in 2001. You can find me on Google Plus but not on any other social media. The name is used by so many people it's not really worth it to me. 

If you would like to buy the XtremeComputer.Com domain email me with your offer, make it more than what you think to have me reply. 

I've started setting up to do more technical troubleshooting processes for those running Windows 7 and to help those in Windows XP find a replacement. 

I'll be the first to admit this year the technical world has made it very difficult to choose a path for the next generation of operating systems. 

I'm now running Windows 8, Windows 7 and Ubuntu desktop and server as well as Hyper-V with Windows 2008 R2 Server.

In the old days it was one desktop and one server package for me.

Now that I have seen the Linux light and it's bundled in a ISO package even I can understand and works great on older computers as well as new computers in both physical and virtual rolls.

Basically we all will be changing our hardware in the next 2 years and when we do we are going to be replacing some of that old software we all used at one time or other with maybe old software we never used before.

The site still has allot of remote desktop service in it. I'm still doing that but it's for the community server users more than anything. I'll still take the service requests if you send them into the portal for free and will remotely correct any issue you are having with your computer and I'll let the service rates be set by you and your budget. 

Hope you enjoy the "New" direction of XtremeComputer.Com mixing mobile devices with servers you can run from your home or office.


About Xtreme Computer and the direction we are going. You will want to be part of this. At least if you are looking for computer repair and special IT administration.