Once upon a time when your IT DIDN'T SUCK in the USA.

Update and News Flash 5-10-2016: Yes, it's over, the realm of the United States of America and the Information Technology Industry is over. 

At last you don't have to worry about where your products are coming from. It's China, and with that I'll be changing out XtremeComputer.Com to focus on building new computers and working with technology not developed in the USA. Who cares about Software we we can build our own apps. It's hardware we need and the USA just let it all wash offshore. 

So where do you buy the best components online? 

Who knows, which is why I need to find some great distributors in China and share the information with all those that still build their own computers and need the best in technology. 

I'm really talking about memory, processors, hard drives, motherboards, etc.

Update to News Flash 3-16-2016: The Lady of the Network Miss. Clara has suggested an alternate method of payment. My Lady would trade my asp classic merger to bootstrap responsive web backend developer programming services for locally bottled Wines and Spirits. The USA processes all the flavor out of wines with chemicals. Our espresso with a dash of grappa can only happen with selected vineyards. We can talk liter to page quotes depending on region and time of year. We have our goal of 196 countries to program for. That should stock our cellar nicely, that is once I build our cellar. 

News Flash 3-15-2016: Unlike what some moderators think in a few popular ASP Classic web forums you DO NOT NEED to learn ASP Classic when you are updating an old website layout to be mobile friendly like a Bootstrap design.

That's right folks, let's tell those that think you need to know ASP Classic to pack sand. My guess is those that are using the term "Rent a Coder" don't know how to code from notepad a fully function SQL Bootstrap site anyway.  

I'm here telling you the time it takes me to place your old ASP Code into any BOOTSTRAP theme is less than the time it would take you to post in clear English your problem. 

In Fact, we don't need to even speak English or Russian or Greek, Just Code!

Send me your old, tired, out of date ASP Code, I'll ask for more information after I see what type of bootstrap page you are looking to build. 

Don't let those that are not willing to share slow your business web development site down. 

Most of those that don't help take too long to read code.  
Typically I can read and rewrite a full ASP Page in under 30 minutes. That's about $30.00 or if you want to pay in EUR I'll say 30 Eur to keep your budget in focus. Let's face it, that old code isn't what you want to learn and because I know Bootstrap and ASP you know you're going to get the code done the way your design needs. Want to see an example of pure raw coding with bootstrap design in ASP Classic? Check out www.TruckAndTools.Com 

Email me at my Google+ +MurrayW or use the form in the contact page. 
If you are looking for a quote, you'll need to send me your full page. 

It's 2016, does your outsourced IT still suck?

If so, this is the year to drop them completely. 

Make the pledge, hire in country and if possible local. 

Don't give me that crap you hired a local contractor and then that local contractor outsourced your IT. I call that, "Corporate Crap" and does not put you in the front page as a job creator. It may help make your IT Suck even more.

When you start to see security jumps take a faster pace than your coffee maker you know it's time to hire that OCD ADD kid on the block that just has a knack for getting things right the first time. You know the kid, the one that got a D in English but A's in everything else because coding languages do not have exceptions to the rules unless you call exceptions errors and mistakes.

Sorry in the IT world means you the customer made the mistake. Make that Sorry line and Empathy crap a thing of the past in 2016. 

Need help finding a good hire or a local contractor in the IT business?

Need your IT group checked out by other IT people?

Just ask, pay and it's done. 

We call them "Audits" and every IT person should know it will happen one day. When it does, that configuration and documentation better be in order or out the door you go.

We have thousands of professional, and overly qualified people looking for networks like yours to make perfect. 

IT that doesn't suck, made in the USA and trained by the world.

PS: Get searching, the answers you need are within the thousands of pages right here. If not, send your issue and I'll help you find the answers. 

"Lexapro and IT, so we can tolerate a bit more of the incompetence that's going around.
But don't push the chemical elements too far.
It's not like we have a support level tolerance for the totally incompetent, that would require Medical Grade Reefer.  "

What's Windows 10 all about?

I was thinking about starting a Windows 10 section to list all the "Good" and all the "Bad" about it. 

I'm so indifferent about this OS upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate that I'm not going to spend much time on it until I see something better. 

What I really like about the Windows 10 Upgrade:

  • All my Windows 7 Pro 32bit Virtual Systems upgraded perfectly on my Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V. Now I have a better RDP experience from my Android Tablets. 

Here's what I noticed: 

  • Slow
  • Display settings are odd in VGA mode. (Auto doesn't always make the screen fit)
  • BitLocker encryption USB key doesn't take on first boot 7 out of 10 times. Must reboot to make it hit. Only does this from a cold boot. (Computer off)
  • A bit creepy when you see what it digs around to find on your computer to display in your start menu by default. Nothing really bad, just would rather not having pictures, news, etc. unless I wanted to add them. 
  • Changed my Default browser to Edge. (oddly enough)
  • The app search bar mixed with internet search wasn't my choice. I like the old start menu search for programs (apps) instead. 
  • Once again the backup application has changed but at least they have the revert to your Windows 7 backup option if you need to rollback your upgrade.

Other than that, it seems to be a bit slower than my old Windows 7. 

I have 16Gb of memory and SSD for my OS cache drive. 

Overall I'm glad I did upgrade. 

Problem now is I don't have a Windows 10 disks. 
Guess it's the old install then upgrade. 

I could just recover from a backup I guess. 
Sad that now I have to add one more disk because my Windows 7 backup application isn't the same as in my Windows 10 now. 

Enjoy your new OS... 
PS: don't look for a big windows 10 section. It's so damn boring I'm thinking of skipping any blogging until I have found at least 20 things worthy of writing about. 


Let the Good Times Roll!

ASP Classic and the Modern Browser World.
TLS Secure Cookies HTTPOnly Certificate Chains Certificate Transparency.....

Wow, to think we just go used to injection.
If you're in need of some help I started adding some code and processes to those running ASP Classic on IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 R2 Server and above.
I had to forget everything about IIS 4 and 6 to make brain cells available for the 2008 to 2016 servers. So don't ask about those older versions this decade.

Start your reading here over at www.mysmallcloud.com 

I've been just finishing the testing with Secure HTTPOnly and Encoded and Encrypted Cookies.

Top Things to Drop forever from your PC this year (2016).
You don't have to take my word for it, just wait and see for yourself... ha ha ha

  • Flash anything, remove it. FYI Old article still true for Driveby Infections and tracking.
  • All version of Internet Explorer. CODEX 
  • All OLD versions of Java!
  • Toolbars, any, doesn't matter what they say. Tracking even on secured login.
  • Windows XP or any OS version out of date for more than 30 days. (Reverse Engineering is faster than you think) This includes you MAC users.
  • Stop allowing Users to be created with Administrator rights!!!!
  • Stop installing more than one Antivirus application. None of them are going to do anything anyway. They all make you feel like you are protected. AV is only a Learned defense and with 40K viruses new each day you will never be 100% protected and when you add more than one AV to the mix they cancel out each other in most cases. Just focus on your Recovery after you are infected. 
    **** NOTE: Why don't you format and install your computer OS each time you do your Phones OS. Don't lie, you wipe and restore more than you ever have done your PC. By the way, you know that system I backed up in 2004? Well, found a backdoor keylogger on it last week. Hope your financial and medical records are not on it. Get my drift?
  • Single Disk Computers, you need at least one internal and one external, better to have 2 internal and one external. Local backup, external backup. If not, you're going to be one of those that buys a new computer when your old one has a profile error and you can't seem to fix it. Recovery only works if you have something to recover from.
  • Non Encrypted Disks, if you didn't get the memo, your personal information is on your drive. Or at least enough to make a clone of you in another town. Just think about your disk falling in the hands of someone looking to steal your identity. Do you store your banks password in a text file on your disk? I bet you have something they can use. Stop giving away your stuff, hard drive hardware encryption or idle mode (computer off) encryption. Get it done and get rid of anything that can't do it. 
  • Single Login Anything!!!! If all you need is a password it's junk. Double authentication or better for all your devices please. Even that one that claims to wipe your system after 5 failed attempts. Just learn to like it. It's actually fun sending out that "Wipe Clean" command and seeing your phone go down. Just like using Google Store to install an app remotely. 



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