Once upon a time when your IT DIDN'T SUCK.

I've noticed in the last 2 decades a decline of technical support and a increase of empathy support.

Once upon a time, we once used "Service and Repair, Electronics Technician" to describe a computer and electronics technician. It took schooling, training, hands on, and years to gain what you needed to be able to tackle just about any issue. 

Today it appears that the title is called "Help Desk" or "Service Desk" and takes only a couple of weeks to train mostly on the internal "Scripted Responses and Troubleshooting Steps".

Seriously, because you have customer service skills doesn't make you a service technician.
Don't take it personal but, a person trained in offering me "Empathy" is about a waste of my time.

Next to that is your people that rate their technical service skills by Quality Assurance scores, look again, technical service, resolving the issue amounts to about 20 to 25% of the total score. You can stay employed at a call center for life and never have to fix a single device.

Way to go Empathy Support People!

How do you feel about this? Thinking it's a rant? Well, let's see who you talked to over the last year about getting something repaired or fixed if it's software.

I did my time in call centers, averaged 12 minutes per call for HP and had 90% on my QA scores. 
I also had a 100% resolution to the call. One call and that was all you needed.

Here let's try some scripts:

"Thank you for calling Dell technical support, my name is Bob, how can I be of assistance to you?"

"I have a blue screen". 

Was it...

"I'm sorry that you are experiencing technical difficulties."

or was it.

"Did you write down or can you see the stop halt error now?"

End of scripts.

It's a big deal between another "Empathy" line and a line that starts to address my issue. 

You'll find IT in big corporations or temporary IT workers in the same offer much more Empathy even in person than they should. 

Why waste the time? It seems IT over the years has grown from inexperienced management that couldn't tell when I taped the mouse ball up or when I inverted their screens. Incompetent decision makers have made your first line of IT a bunch of "Empathy" pansies. 

12 minutes over the phone and it takes hours in person. 
Just shut the heck up and let the technician work. Better yet, just leave the room. 

Today we have corporate processes running the service industry and non technical CIO's that feel that End Users should be called Customers even if you all work for the same company. 

Once you place "Empathy" as your first rule and call yourself "Customer Care" you have taken the first step down the path of temporary workers not knowing the difference between a bit and a byte. 

1996: Called Intel server board repair on the phone.
Asked for my boards serial number.
When I said it wasn't working
Asked for my shipping address and told me I'd have a new board in the morning.

That service person worked in the factory that built the board.
They didn't ask me to troubleshoot it, they knew I was a tech because I had an account. The call took less than 4 minutes and the next day the server was backup and online.

"Sorry to hear that", if that was outsourced (which it is today) it would have been hours on the phone troubleshooting a server board. Why? I'm the damn technician that ordered it, built the system and had it running for months. Then it just failed with member slot errors.

Thanks Intel for sending that board next day!

When I called Microsoft USA they didn't ask me if I rebooted my computer they asked me my skill level and started working with me at that level. 

Thanks Microsoft OEM support!

When I hear Empathy and Customer Service scripts I now say, "Thank you for taking my call, I will have a good day." and I hang up. Why do I need to call the 1-800-EMPATHY to get a problem resolved.  

Why not save the consumers thousands and just setup a forum for every make and model of device you manufacturer and allow them to ask others that have the same device to help them.

Do you feel better? I do, but if you need more....

"I'm sorry to hear that your computer is not connecting to the internet."
"My I start off with your name, address, phone, email, make and model of your computer, software that you last updated, Operating system version, your last time online and your fantasy football teams win lose record."

Feel better now?

Because I no longer offer "Customer Service" and I no longer offer "Empathy" and really don't work with users that think deleting system files cleans up their system, I've been able to repair more devices, fix more software and start 2 new websites offer automotive and home repairs.

All I had to do is stop playing Tier I and return to being a service and repair technician.

Skilled Trades and Skilled Tradesman. 

PS: Get searching, the answers you need are within the thousands of pages I have online.

What's Windows 10 all about?

I was thinking about starting a Windows 10 section to list all the "Good" and all the "Bad" about it. 

I'm so indifferent about this OS upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate that I'm not going to spend much time on it until I see something better. 

What I really like about the Windows 10 Upgrade:

  • All my Windows 7 Pro 32bit Virtual Systems upgraded perfectly on my Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V. Now I have a better RDP experience from my Android Tablets. 

Here's what I noticed: 

  • Slow
  • Display settings are odd in VGA mode. (Auto doesn't always make the screen fit)
  • BitLocker encryption USB key doesn't take on first boot 7 out of 10 times. Must reboot to make it hit. Only does this from a cold boot. (Computer off)
  • A bit creepy when you see what it digs around to find on your computer to display in your start menu by default. Nothing really bad, just would rather not having pictures, news, etc. unless I wanted to add them. 
  • Changed my Default browser to Edge. (oddly enough)
  • The app search bar mixed with internet search wasn't my choice. I like the old start menu search for programs (apps) instead. 
  • Once again the backup application has changed but at least they have the revert to your Windows 7 backup option if you need to rollback your upgrade.

Other than that, it seems to be a bit slower than my old Windows 7. 

I have 16Gb of memory and SSD for my OS cache drive. 

Overall I'm glad I did upgrade. 

Problem now is I don't have a Windows 10 disks. 
Guess it's the old install then upgrade. 

I could just recover from a backup I guess. 
Sad that now I have to add one more disk because my Windows 7 backup application isn't the same as in my Windows 10 now. 

Enjoy your new OS... 
PS: don't look for a big windows 10 section. It's so damn boring I'm thinking of skipping any blogging until I have found at least 20 things worthy of writing about. 


Let the Good Times Roll!

Special communications signals collection to exploit every phase of communications in both signals and digital network systems. 

The collection, analysis and electronic warfare that was provided by using a mixture of field expedient, commercially acquired and custom configured and built equipment.

Electronic signals and digital tracing for search and discover missions, logging and recording of all intercept and the classification of the type of discovery. 

Electronic warfare operations encompassing all three subsets of electronic support, electronic protect and electronic attack.

My resumes first job description comes from my training while in the military service. 
I found that I was good at what I do so I focused on Servers and Data and keeping things as private as I can. 

I also learned from my resume and by watching others you are never the best even if you think you are. 

With that said, I'm going to create a category based on my first resumes experience to offer support to IT security teams on what it takes to do your job. This is not an endorsement to defend or attack, this is only the logging and what to focus your intercept on. 

Have fun with your logs! 

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