Only in the USA can you find IT working for $15 but need $16.45

You always get what you pay for...

Or is it something like, "You will always pay what you are willing to get in trade."

Answering the question: What wages are you looking for?

  1. Enough to pay for a small apartment with me living alone.
  2. I own a car without a car payment so I only need enough to maintain the car to travel to and from work.
  3. I do not vacation because of the costs but I do like to take a week off and play online games with high speed internet. So a vacation time without pay of at lest 5 working days is needed. 
  4. I would like Medical insurance but if it is not possible I can for $1.45 more per hour afford to have coverage but may not be able to use that insurance coverage due to the $6,500.00 deductible I will have.
  5. I like to eat, but if Noodle Soup is all I can afford then I can do just that with a small regiment of vitamins. 
  6. I like Coffee and would like to fill my 32oz mug before living work so I can have some coffee in the morning seeing that I can not afford the luxury of buying coffee.

Basically all I need are the basics, I don't need to go out, I buy work clothes that last for years and I do all my own mending and mechanical work so I don't have any unexpected expenses. 

So if you don't mind I would like to ask for $16.45 per hour to start with a minimum of 40 hours per week. I would like to also ask for overtime and you do not have to pay me extra for the 10 to 20 hours I am willing to do each week over my normal 40. 

What happened to the $22.00 to start and how can local government afford to pay nearly double that of the private sector? Is it true that we are becoming a Retail and Government GDP country? 

I will be taking on the IT Accountability between Workers and Management very soon. I have secured a spot for you to report what you feel needs to be shared. I'm at my 32 year, made enough in my early years not to worry to much but today, why even enter into the world of Technology unless you're going to manage or create a start up. Then again, you're going to see more short term contracts and more competition as the word gets out. 

IMF warns the US over high poverty and inequality

What's Windows 10 all about?

I am now recommending you update to Windows 10.
If it's because you can't run IE then read about Edge with the "Open with Internet Explorer" it works with the old java and activex but I wouldn't surf the web with it, just do you corporate website with it. That's until your corporate hires people that can keep up with the technology changes.

I was thinking about starting a Windows 10 section to list all the "Good" and all the "Bad" about it. 

I'm so indifferent about this OS upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate that I'm not going to spend much time on it until I see something better. 

What I really like about the Windows 10 Upgrade:

  • All my Windows 7 Pro 32bit Virtual Systems upgraded perfectly on my Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V. Now I have a better RDP experience from my Android Tablets. 

Here's what I noticed: 

  • Slow
  • Display settings are odd in VGA mode. (Auto doesn't always make the screen fit)
  • BitLocker encryption USB key doesn't take on first boot 7 out of 10 times. Must reboot to make it hit. Only does this from a cold boot. (Computer off)
  • A bit creepy when you see what it digs around to find on your computer to display in your start menu by default. Nothing really bad, just would rather not having pictures, news, etc. unless I wanted to add them. 
  • Changed my Default browser to Edge. (oddly enough)
  • The app search bar mixed with internet search wasn't my choice. I like the old start menu search for programs (apps) instead. 
  • Once again the backup application has changed but at least they have the revert to your Windows 7 backup option if you need to rollback your upgrade.

Other than that, it seems to be a bit slower than my old Windows 7. 

I have 16Gb of memory and SSD for my OS cache drive. 

Overall I'm glad I did upgrade. 

Problem now is I don't have a Windows 10 disks. 
Guess it's the old install then upgrade. 

I could just recover from a backup I guess. 
Sad that now I have to add one more disk because my Windows 7 backup application isn't the same as in my Windows 10 now. 

Enjoy your new OS... 
PS: don't look for a big windows 10 section. It's so damn boring I'm thinking of skipping any blogging until I have found at least 20 things worthy of writing about. 


Let the Good Times Roll!

I tested not allowing any non TLS 1.2 connection to my Email Server. 
I had so many members not able to communicate I actually had to look to see what AOL was running. TLS 1.0. Well, just say it, change that address, you have used that one password for the last 20 years anyway. 

ASP Classic and the Modern Browser World.
TLS Secure Cookies HTTPOnly Certificate Chains Certificate Transparency.....

Wow, to think we just go used to injection.
If you're in need of some help I started adding some code and processes to those running ASP Classic on IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 R2 Server and above.
I had to forget everything about IIS 4 and 6 to make brain cells available for the 2008 to 2016 servers. So don't ask about those older versions this decade.

Start your reading here over at 

I've been just finishing the testing with Secure HTTPOnly and Encoded and Encrypted Cookies.

Top Things to Drop forever from your PC this year (2016).
You don't have to take my word for it, just wait and see for yourself... ha ha ha

  • Flash anything, remove it. FYI Old article still true for Driveby Infections and tracking.
  • All version of Internet Explorer. CODEX 
  • All OLD versions of Java!
  • Toolbars, any, doesn't matter what they say. Tracking even on secured login.
  • Windows XP or any OS version out of date for more than 30 days. (Reverse Engineering is faster than you think) This includes you MAC users.
  • Stop allowing Users to be created with Administrator rights!!!!
  • Stop installing more than one Antivirus application. None of them are going to do anything anyway. They all make you feel like you are protected. AV is only a Learned defense and with 40K viruses new each day you will never be 100% protected and when you add more than one AV to the mix they cancel out each other in most cases. Just focus on your Recovery after you are infected. 
    **** NOTE: Why don't you format and install your computer OS each time you do your Phones OS. Don't lie, you wipe and restore more than you ever have done your PC. By the way, you know that system I backed up in 2004? Well, found a backdoor keylogger on it last week. Hope your financial and medical records are not on it. Get my drift?
  • Single Disk Computers, you need at least one internal and one external, better to have 2 internal and one external. Local backup, external backup. If not, you're going to be one of those that buys a new computer when your old one has a profile error and you can't seem to fix it. Recovery only works if you have something to recover from.
  • Non Encrypted Disks, if you didn't get the memo, your personal information is on your drive. Or at least enough to make a clone of you in another town. Just think about your disk falling in the hands of someone looking to steal your identity. Do you store your banks password in a text file on your disk? I bet you have something they can use. Stop giving away your stuff, hard drive hardware encryption or idle mode (computer off) encryption. Get it done and get rid of anything that can't do it. 
  • Single Login Anything!!!! If all you need is a password it's junk. Double authentication or better for all your devices please. Even that one that claims to wipe your system after 5 failed attempts. Just learn to like it. It's actually fun sending out that "Wipe Clean" command and seeing your phone go down. Just like using Google Store to install an app remotely. 



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