XtremeComputer.Com, .Net, .Org FOR SALE!

1. XtremeComputer.Com $600.00
2. XtremeComputer.Net $300.00
3. XtremeComputer.Org $300.00

I'll make a bundled price of $1,200.00 cash on delivery.

Why am I giving up these domains?
I'm glad you asked.

I've switched over to Tablets and SmartPhone infrastructures that just don't include Windows computers.

I've setup shop with OpenSource Software with mainstream hardware.
It's very clear that the Windows industry has slowed and what is being offered soon will be offered on more open source projects in my opinion.

Trends are something to follow if that's what you do.
I'm moving down my path to support servers and networks that focus on mobile device users with local offline app development.

Thinking everyone will be connected all the time is not what I call, "Thinking".

I want to make sure that XtremeComputer.Com carries forward for someone else the Windows environment that I just don't have enough time for.


Contact me and this can be yours by the morning. 




What's in the News.

Waiting for Windows 9? Keep waiting if you want to know how IT Pros work the system. 

Let the PC Bundles work out the bugs and buy the software after one year and / or after 1 year and one service pack. 

By the time you're ready for another Windows round you could have Ubuntu up and running and really knowing how to use it. 

It's simple and here's my list: 

  • Windows 3.1 and 3.11 good stuff coming from DOS. 
  • Windows 95 upgrade did the trick to get the GUI.
  • Windows 98 not so much which sparked the Windows 98 SE version.
  • Windows ME or Millennium what a failure that was. 
  • Windows 2000 Pro came from building on top of NT 4.0 called it NT 5.0.
  • Windows XP 
  • Windows Vista (Failed on many levels)
  • Windows Vista merged into a server family that had limits. 
  • Windows 7 all but Pro, Ultimate and Enterprise were junk.
  • Windows 8 should have been called Windows CE2 failed in my book. 
  • Windows 8.1 public cried for a start button, should have mentioned we need a bit more than just a start button.
  • Windows 9?

As you can see it's almost perfect every other release didn't hit home. 

What's in it for XtremeComputer.Com ? Here's the deal, I'm selling this domain with the .Net and .Org. 

Make me an offer I can take to the bank and it's all yours, I'm moving to Open Source and will start publishing my new system builds here and at MySmallCloud.Com. 


Let the Good Times Roll!

It's once again time for you to prove you actually know your stuff. 

Sure it's easy to con the interviewer and that manager that couldn't tell the difference between a SSD and a Spindle. 

Need help setting up your IT Challenge?

Send me a note, tell me the equipment model and I'll publish just what to ask if they are really a core user or just a book learner. 

Contact me here.

"If you're going to under pay for IT services then at least allow IT to have a little fun and maybe offer a little respect at the same time."

My Comment: Management is stressed more than ever now with the end of support for XP. Keep calm, email for help and stick to your plans.

Your IT staff will pull you out of a bad migration if it ends that way.

I have one piece of advice for management: Let your IT staff run with the plan, they know what is up and they will ask you for help if needed. When they ask for help listen to them and get them the people they need.

I've been training one person to setup drives for the migration but management has delayed the purchasing of swap drives. ... 

Soon, when it's time they will make conference call after conference call asking why the drives requested have not arrived. 

Time to get management out of IT path that doesn't come from an IT grassroots background and allow IT to develop. 



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